ICT Development and Research Foundation is a voluntary organization and committed to buildup Digital Bangladesh as a partner of the Government of Bangladesh. This organization arranged always free training program and Workshop, seminar for under privilege young people, like physical disable and poor. We have provided computer training since 1993. Our team has significant experience in career planning, success training, leadership, lots of various tech experiences. We love tech and we love helping people. It’s really that simple. We’re not in it for the money. We hold ourselves to high standards, High moral standards, high completion standards and high placement standards. We’re not trying to oversell. We just love what we do.

Computer Literacy is the knowledge and understanding of computer concepts, limitations and ability to use computers and technology efficiently. We can view its importance in two ways. Basically, Computer training is essential in the workplace. Job applicants need to have computer training in order for them to become more valuable to their potential employers and also to enable them to find jobs that pay well. Secondly, companies need to include computer training in their training program for new employees.

The growth of technology and computer related task:
As technology continues to advance, computer has become a part of everyday life. Thus, many people believe that computer literacy is vital to success in today’s world. Computer literacy, also known as digital literacy, involves having a current knowledge and understanding of computer and their uses. Because the requirements that determine computer literacy change as technology changes, you must keep up with these changes to remain computer literate.

Important to Learn for Job Skill:
Computer skills are an important requirement for many types of jobs. As a job seeker, most of the tasks in the office also require employees to have familiarity with some important and useful software and programs too. And even in some non-office jobs, a bit of computer knowledge and training is required. In short, you don’t want to lack such skills if you want to succeed in your job search.

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