ICT Development and Research Foundation


ICT Development and Research Foundation(IDRF) is a leading Software Firm and IT Training Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We Provide professional Training on web design, Web development, Apps Development, Online Earning, Communicative English, Basic Computer Training and Graphics Design.


Our Courses

Website Development

Web Design

Vendor Certification

Comunicative English

Content Management

Graphics Design


Game Development

Apps Development


Online Earning

Short Courses


About IDRF


ICT Development and Research Foundation (IDRF) is a non-profitable organization that envisions Bangladesh as a country in which widespread access to high quality education, human rights, information, communication and technology lead to a more developed society.

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Contact Us

381 DIT Road, 2nd Floor, West Rampura(Near Meliha Convention Center),Dhaka-1219

Phone:58315313,01799393667,01954033110. Email:Info@idrf.org.bd. Web: www.idrf.org.bd