IDRF is working on how to use information technology in the employment of educated youth with disabilities. This requires long-term strategies to identify multidisciplinary approaches to educated persons with disabilities and poverty. We are working on a variety of programs for them based on the commitment of our organization. Our main goal is to bring the people who are still out of social and economic progress under our purview. We want a Bangladesh where there will be no exploitation, discrimination and oppression and the rights of every human being will be established and there will be equal opportunities for potential innovative work.

Therefore, our goal is to pave the way for the empowerment of a larger population with educated disabilities, poverty and social injustice. The organization is constantly working to bring about positive change through economic and social programs by expanding various ICT-based initiatives. Research is being done to harness information and communication technology to enable all educated people with disabilities in the society to develop their potential and capabilities.